Gears & Stars Membership Support

Our Museum Scholarship Program is an initiative that provides annual memberships to families in need throughout our community. We believe in proving fun, play-based, hands-on learning experiences to all children and families of Southern Arizona, while also recognizing that each family has unique needs when it comes to accessing the museum. Since 2007, over 550 families have received scholarships for membership, and we're geared up to welcome even more! As the demand for our programs grows, so does the need for financial assistance. Are you ready to join in our vision of inspiring children and their families to reach their full potential through discovery, creativity and learning? Start by contributing to our Museum Scholarship Program to support play and learning all year long.


Additional Information

Thank you for your donation! Your contribution toward a Gears & Stars Membership is a direct gift to a family in our community and may be tax deductible. Questions about our program or know a family who might be interested? Feel free to email